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Polyphony 21 
The MFA 1st year show: 
QSS Belfast 
Exhibition runs: 6- 27th May 2021 

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QSS Exhibition Space

Polyphony, having two or more harmonies or tones of equal resonance, describes the interdisciplinary nature, and collective-curatorial thought behind this exhibition. 


For the first time in the history of the MFA course the entire exhibition event has been virtually planned by a 1st year group who have never been together in the same physical space at the same time. The pursuit of harmony describes our process during a time of struggle, determination and hope, uniting 17 artists from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 


The exhibiting artists draw inspiration from an eclectic plethora of topics including climate change, our interior and exterior landscapes, cultural fables, phenomenological experience, spiritual planes of thought, liminality, and ontology.




Julia Bednarczyk 

Kate Buryakova 

Pamela Greene  

Krunal Gohil  

June Hill 

Zara Lyness 

Patrick Maguire 

Anne McAlarney 

Tracy McCoey  

Hannah McMurray 

Thomas McNeill 

Shahzeb Mughal 

Emma O’Loan 

Lauren O’Hara  

Irene Sweeney 

Pauline Talbot 

David Younglove 




The MFA at Belfast School of Art is a multi-disciplinary, studio based programme. Established in 1979, it has a proven track record of supporting the radical, alongside more traditional or orthodox practices. It has a rich legacy of awards including: the Turner Prize, Bloomberg New Contemporary, the Paul Hamlyn, Derek Jarman and Nissan Art Award successes, as well as many other notable high achieving alumni. 

The course is extremely well networked into the local, national and international art scene, offering students many opportunities to professionally connect and feed into that network. This support network makes Belfast a fantastic and viable place to further an emerging practice. 


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